As bipedal primates, humans are water chasers by nature

We all know that last names like Miller, Smith, and Baker mirror the occupations of our ancestors. But what of Waters, Waterman, Drinkwater, Westwater, Waterhouse, Waterford, Waterfield, and Van de Water, to single out just a few? Do these folks hail from a long line of champion swimmers? Were their…

It starts with what we eat

Without fresh water to drink, we’re dead in about three days. Yet for many of us, water is just another consumable product, available when we need it and damned — or dammed — when we don’t. The truth is that while many, from sailors and hydrologists to water treatment engineers…

I was born a word nerd. I read dictionaries as a kid and prided myself on how many synonyms I could name for everyday words like destroy and enjoy. Maybe that explains my problem with standard definitions of the word “work,” most of whose synonyms pivot around sweat, toil, and…

Star Search earns Honorable Mention in the Medium Writers’ Challenge

I slid onto the front seat of my Pontiac Firebird and headed to West LA via the San Diego Freeway. My destination was Mar Vista. Compared to its westside neighbors, Mar Vista was more pedestrian than Culver City and less tony than Brentwood. No one, other than locals, cared about…

Boomers in 1965

Let’s try to fix what we got wrong.

Public art is meant to be seen.

In a very dark year, people found ways to shine.

Jeff Miller

Culture writer with an eye for history, science, sports, art, politics, photography, travel, and the original story hiding between the lines.

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