Star Search earns Honorable Mention in the Medium Writers’ Challenge

Boomers in 1965

Let’s try to fix what we got wrong.

Public art is meant to be seen.

In a very dark year, people found ways to shine.

The 2021 version of lemon pudding cake (left) and a 1921 vintage version (right).

Does a 2021 recipe for lemon pudding cake stack up to its 1921 predecessor? Or would a mid-century upstart upstage them both?

What happens to the brand promise of heroic death once you surrender? Credit:rudall30

After a humiliating battlefield defeat in 425 BC, the Greek city-state of Sparta needed to restore its swagger in the Greek World. What would a modern branding team have advised?

Jeff Miller

Culture writer with an eye for history, science, sports, art, politics, photography, travel, and the original story hiding between the lines.

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